Libya: A Land with Opportunity

Libya is a country that boasts a rich and diverse history and a promising future. With a population of more than 8 million people, Libya is home to ethnic and cultural groups that contribute to its vibrant society.

One of the many great attributes of the country is its remarkable geography, as it encompasses two contrasting regions: the largest...

About Us

BFI continued in Libya as a restructured Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company, incorporated in Singapore in 2013. BFI leads the continuing development phase with China Railway Engineering Group (CREC) of their earlier bid to Design, Construct, Finance Lease Own, Operate and Maintain the Tripoli and Benghazi Metro and Integrated Bus Systems, the Project, first tendered in 2009. That tender was judged in favor of BFI-CREC in late 2010, but was disrupted by the Libyan Revolution in 2011. In 2012, the restructured and re-incorporated BFI renewed its exclusive association with CREC Group and returned to Libya under the leadership of Chairman Saleh Atia Ibrahim Atia.

BFI's management team consists of directors, associates and advisers who have more than 350 years of combined experience in large-scale project development, financing construction, and management in countries, including the United Kingdom, Norway, Libya, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Jordan.

Exclusive Association with
China Railway Group

BFI is the exclusive associate of China Railway International Group (CRIG), a world-leading construction company. We will develop public transport, essential services infrastructure and other public assets in Libyan cities and rural areas. In Association, the two organizations will deliver a series of transformative projects that will enhance the quality of life, economic development, and environmental sustainability of Libya. The projects cover sectors including water, sewerage, drainage, electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution, public transportation, food security, housing & urban development, waste management, health care, education, and trade & industry. Together, we will design, finance, construct lease-own, operate and maintain the Project(s).


BFI, in Exclusive Association with China Railway Group, (CRIG) is leading in The Project to develop Public Transport and 21st Century Essential Services Infrastructure in Libya. In Exclusive Association, we combine to deliver highquality and cost-effective solutions for complex and long needed infrastructure requirements including water, sewerage, drainage and Benghazi Metro System, with its complementary Integrated Electric Bus System. (The Public Transport design concept is for over 80% of Greater Benghazi residents to be within 200m of Public Transport).

The Management Team is now planning from a prioritised list of Projects that will bring a transformative verve to a socially driven economy The Projects will deliver new industry, new careers, new jobs for a population that wants to look to the future with hope, confidence and a will to contribute to change. Delivery of The Project(s), will be a generational legacy, a signal to a brighter future.



Arup is a renowned and respected firm of engineering consultants, designers, development planners and project managers that operates globally. With a diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts, Arup offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions across various markets and sectors, such as infrastructure, digital, buildings, climate and sustainability, advisory, planning and technical consulting.

China Railway International Group (CRIG) is a fully-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited (CREC). CREC is a 120- year construction industry leader. CREC is one of the world's top construction and engineering conglomerates, with a strong presence in infrastructure, industrial equipment, research and consulting, real estate, resources development, finance and trade. CREC was listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges in 2007 and is a top 50 Fortune 500 Company.

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Libya is undergoing a positive transformation as it stabilises its political situation and rebuilds its economy. The strong demand for infrastructure and public services can generate long-term revenues and presents a huge opportunity for investors who are looking for emerging markets with high potential returns.