Ongoing Projects
in Libya

The Benghazi Metro and Integrated Electric Bus Systems
The Project's design criteria, takes account of the Government Designated Works (GDW).
The government’s priorities are now included under the planning and financing for the Project.

Solar Energy

Sea Water

Sewerage Reticulation
& Treatment

Water Treatment & Reticulation

Smart Cities

State Housing

International Airport

Mining Industry

Schools &

Drainage systems and management

Agricultural development

The additional electrical energy required to construct and operate the Project and GDW may require the provision of an Independent Power Producer(s) to be developed under the Project.

Renewable Energy will ensure that the operations of the Transport Systems are carbon neutral.


The Project will first complete at least 20,000 identified unfinished flats in developments abandoned by its earlier contractors. These are located in Benghazi and Kufra, amongst other centers.
The Project will build at least 100,000- new dwellings on government-nominated sites throughout the country.

Benina Airport

Subject to a Final Design Review, the new Benina International Airport will have a Design Capacity of between 10 million and 15 million passengers per annum. The Final Design will include - Air Bridge capacity, all International Air Traffic Control Technology, and expanded Runway and Apron provisions to accommodate existing and planned new aircraft designs.

New GDW Agriculture

The Government has requested that the Project include a plan for a Commercial Agricultural Industry that would implement a previous Government Plan to provide a targeted 60% of food security nationally, within a planned timeframe. CRIG is engaged with Agricultural and Rural Affairs Expertise, considering this request.

Mining Industry

To support the development of the Mining Industry and ensure its sustainability, BFI and CRIG have been asked by the Government to prepare a plan for establishing a mineral processing Industry in south Libya. This will enable the region to add value to its mineral resources and create more jobs and income. Additionally, the plan will include for these areas, Agriculture and Food Processing as another sector for economic diversification and food security. The aim is to enhance the well-being of the people of South Libya through these initiatives

Schools and Hospitals

BFI and CRIG are evaluating the government’s request to include hospitals, schools, and their operations, and maintenance as part of the Project. The Project is considering the development of 26 medical facilities across the nation, such as:

  • Regional & Local General Hospitals
  • Women’s & Children’s Hospitals
  • Regional / Local Medical Centers
  • Psychiatric facilities / services within Hospitals
  • Physiotherapy Centers
  • National Centre for the design, manufacture and fitting of artificial limbs

The Project is considering the involvement of Professional Woman’s Groups to advise on and lead the recommendations for Schools Development with a Project and Government target for;

  • 200 Integrated Schools
  • 50 Technical Institutes
  • Metro Project for Technical & Vocational Education Institute
  • Early Learning Centers located at Metro System Park & Ride Stations


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